First World War Film ‘Son of A75’ shown in Broadway in 1920


Farnham House

In early 1920 cinema arrived in the Cotswold village of Broadway, not in the form of a huge picture palace of the era but in a barn attached to Farnham House. Major C. Wood who lived at Farnham House overlooking the village green, established the cinema in his barn attached to the back of Farnham House opposite the Swan Hotel. Whilst the interior of the barn offered all the comforts of a cinema of the time it was hidden behind the barn’s attractive 17th century exterior. One of the first films to be shown to a packed audience was Son of A75 a drama set in the First World War.

It is not known when the cinema closed. Farnham House is most famous for its garden where John Singer Sargent started painting Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose during the summer of 1884.

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