Post First World War Film ‘Sorrell and Son’ Filmed in Broadway

The 1927 black and white silent film Sorrell and Son, which was released on 2nd December 1927 and whose director, Herbert Brenon, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director in the 1st Academy Awards the following year, was filmed in England with many scenes filmed in Broadway.

Adapted for film by Elizabeth Meehan and based on the novel of the same name by Warwick Deeping, Sorrell and Son, was and remained a bestseller from its first publication in 1925 throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

The film tells the story of Stephen Sorrell, a decorated First World War hero, who raises his son Kit alone after Kit’s mother deserts husband and child in the boy’s infancy. Stephen Sorrell ends up working at the Pelican Hotel which was filmed at The Lygon Arms Hotel, Broadway.

This film was presumed lost until an incomplete print was discovered, which exists in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences film archive. The final reel is still believed lost.

Broadway Remembers
18th October 2013

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