Broadway Rifle Club formed March 1915

Broadway Rifle Club was set up by Richard S. Peirse-Duncombe in March 1915. A reaction to the outbreak of the First World War, the club was formed to enable young men in the village to learn to shoot well enough so that if called upon to fight they would be capable of firing a service rifle.

The range was set up on land owned by Mr A. Flower. The butts were at Knapp Bank and the range extended across 2 fields in front of Pye Corner House. 10,000 rounds of ammunition and a large supply of scoring targets had been obtained and 4 firing platforms erected. Membership fees were 1s. per annum and the charge for 7 shots and sighter and a target at 25 yards 2d. at 50yds 21/2d and at 100yds 3d.

Richard Peirse-Duncombe was appointed President of the rifle club with Vice-Presidents; Messrs. William B. Alexander MB, W.S. Barrett, Henry G. Clegg, C.L. Duncombe, S. Flower, Theodore M. Lloyd (Chairman) and Henry Patten of Kite’s Nest Dairy. The Secretary of the club was Austin Read Williams of West End Farm and the Treasurer, Thomas Bayliss. Committee members included Messrs. Beale, J. Cotterell, H. Jones, William Lissaman, John Morris, Charles Steward, A. Stokes and A. Tredwell.

Membership of Broadway Rifle Club grew and shortly afterwards the club was taking part in competitions across Worcestershire.

Broadway Remembers

10th October 2013

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